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ProSearch  is an independent candidate research and contract recruiting firm located in Marblehead, Massachusetts.  We provide strategic research solutions to your executive search assignments, as well as outsourced contract recruiting services for small-mid-sized corporations. With over 20 years in the recruiting industry, ProSearch works as a subcontractor to executive/retained search firms and corporations to provide a variety of recruting services.


Executive Search Research

Our work in executive search research includes targeted name generation/candidate ID work as well as organizational breakdown and candidate development. We provide the client with market appropriate lists of up-to-date, custom quality research. Our research is done on an as-needed basis, customized to your specific search. Our ID is never outdated and is not generated from databases or lists.


Contract Recruting

Contract recruiting services by ProSearch include writing job descriptions, job postings and monitoring, resume screening, in-depth pre-screenings, candidate write-ups, interview set-up and follow-up, reference checking and offer presentation. Any or all of these services can be purchased on an unbundled basis.

ProSearch offers quality research services on an hourly, as-needed basis with positive results. Please contact us for rate information and other questions at


(978)664-4059 or email


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